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GoldFocus High-Precision Focusing System

The GoldFocus High-Precision Focusing System supports high-precision focus but not collimation

If you are instead interested in a GoldFocus Plus Collimation Focusing System, which supports both focus and collimation, then click here.

The GoldFocus Focusing System for digital astronomical imaging is a combination of a scientifically designed GoldFocus Mask and the GoldFocus Analysis Software.  The GoldFocus Focusing System works with most astronomical CCD cameras and over 400 DSLR camera models.

Achieve better focus faster than ever.

GoldFocus Features

Mask #G50
GoldFocus High-Precision Mask: example mask for all telescope types
  • much more accurate focus than other focusing methods, 10-20 times more accurate than alternative focusing methods (see also focus techniques and signal-to-noise)
  • very fast focus, only minutes to near-perfect focus with a good quality focuser (see also how GoldFocus works)
  • easy to use, very short learning curve
  • unbiased and accurate objective quantitative focus measurement
  • auto-focus for power focusers using the ASCOM interface
  • scientific design based upon advanced theories of optics (see also technical background)
  • optional Step-by-Step QuickStart for best focus the first time you use GoldFocus
  • optional voice feedback of focus quality
  • night-vision friendly
  • 14 standard sizes accommodate most typical telescopes
  • custom sizes available upon request
  • comprehensive help documentation and on-line FAQ
  • unlimited free technical support

Works With ...

GoldFocus Analysis Software: example of high-precision focusing with an H-alpha filter recommending a 'focus out' adjustment
  • most digital cameras including scientific CCD and DSLR cameras
  • all telescopes including refractor, reflector, and catadioptric designs
  • typical aperture diameters, f/ratios, and focal lengths
  • all focusers including rack and pinion, Crayford, integrated, and electronic motorized
  • monochrome and color digital cameras capable of saving FITS, JPEG, TIFF, or raw DSLR file format images
  • wide range of camera physical pixel sizes
  • with or without pixel binning
  • full range of wavelengths of visible light
  • narrowband wavelengths with color and narrowband imaging filters
  • normal seeing conditions, poor to excellent


  • astronomical CCD or DSLR camera with image capture software capable of saving FITS, JPEG, TIFF, or raw DSLR file format images is required
  • GoldFocus Mask can be used without the GoldFocus Analysis Software for visual observing or film photography (see also FAQ)
  • PC with Windows operating system, versions 2000 Professional, XP, Vista, Windows 7,  8,  8.1, or 10

More Information

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  • Features - Feature Comparison with other methods
  • Technical - Science behind the design
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Product Review - Read an Astronomy Technology Today review
  • Purchase - Purchase the GoldFocus Mask and Analysis Software