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NGC 224; M31; Andromeda Galaxy; in Infrared

The following astronomical image was taken by a user of GoldAstro.com products and presented here by permission.  Copyrights may apply.  Please contact the credited imager to inquire about permission for use and/or availability of larger images.

NGC 224

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Object(s): NGC 224; M31; Andromeda Galaxy; in Infrared with M32 and M110
Notes: compared to visible light, the dust lanes are fainter due to infrared penetrating the molecular clouds and different structure is revealed by infrared
Telescope: Explore Scientific ED 102mm APO f/6.9
Camera: Atik 383L+
Mount: Meade LX200GPS w/ Superwedge, permanent pier
Filters: Astrodon Infrared NIR Tricolor
Focus and
GoldFocus Plus Collimation Mask and Analysis Software v3.0
Autoguide: GoldGuide v2.0 w/ Meade 12" LX200GPS f/8.2, Meade DSI Pro II
Exposure: 700nm+:900nm+:800-900nm:700-800nm = 545:175:170:150 min.; 5 min. subframes; total 17.3 hours
Process: LLRGB with 700nm+ as L, 900nm+ as R, 800-900nm as G, 700-800nm as B, composite RGB as second L; proprietary software, PixInsight 1.8, Photoshop CS4;
FOV: 85' x 63'
Date(s): 5 & 10 October 2013
Credit: Copyright © 2013 Jeff Winter, click for Inquiries