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Barnard 163

The following astronomical image was taken by a user of GoldAstro.com products and presented here by permission.  Copyrights may apply.  Please contact the credited imager to inquire about permission for use and/or availability of larger images.


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Object(s): Barnard 163; dark nebula in SE region of IC 1396
Telescope: Meade 12" LX200GPS f/3.7
Camera: Meade DSI Pro II w/ proprietary cooler
Mount: Meade Superwedge, permanent pier
Focus: GoldFocus Mask and Analysis Software v2.1
Autoguide: GoldGuide v2.0 w/ Orion 102mm Mak-Cass f/12.0, Orion StarShoot DSI II
Exposure: H-a: 60 x 3 min.; total 3 hours
Process: proprietary software, AIP4Win v2.3, Photoshop CS4
FOV: 17' x 14' (approx.)
Date(s): 28 Jul 2010
Credit: Copyright © 2010 Jeff Winter, click for Inquiries